Companies – Why use 1st Choice Jobs for your IT Recruitment?

We have been trading now for 30 years, specifically in the IT industry. By using 1st Choice Jobs it is an important route for sourcing the best talent …. Quickly!

  • We can act as an advisor to you. See us as your eyes and ears of the Market Place. We know what talent is available , where they are and most importantly we know how to reach out to them. We can give you advise on salary benchmarks, career expectations of candidates, and available skill sets. We can also advise on any current hiring problems, struggles other businesses have encountered and may be able to suggest alternative solutions  of what you need to do to hire the best talent.
  • In this current candidate driven market some candidates are very hard to find. These passive candidates are not responding to adverts. Instead they will come back to 1st Choice jobs as we have a trusted relationship built up over many years. At 1st Choice jobs we have our own network and contacts which would not be available to an in house recruiter.
  • By using 1st Choice jobs your competition does not know where you are recruiting and where you may have a potential weakness. Or perhaps a new area of business that you are branching into. Paying a professional industry specific agency such as 1st Choice jobs shows candidates how seriously you take recruiting the right staff. It shows that it is not just a case of ‘bums on seats’ and that you are really investing in their staff and staff retention.
  • Using 1st Choice Jobs is a Cost effective solution. NO HIRE NO FEE. There are NO upfront COSTS on advertising and then perhaps not successfully finding the right candidates. Or even having to repeat this hiring process several times. If a placement leaves or doesn’t fit, we will provide a free replacement*
  • For businesses ‘time is money’ and it is important that you are able to quickly access these key skills. This is especially important in these times of talent shortages that can hinder your businesses success and growth. Recruitment is not a numbers game. It is not about attracting a huge number of applicants that you then need to spend time filtering, assessing and communicating with. Rather it is much better to have well qualified candidates to invest your time with.
  • Using 1st Choice Jobs can really help to promote your business in this highly competitive market. We are able to give a real insight to your business, what is like to work there. Stories of previous candidates who have been placed in the past and are now enjoying a successful career at your company; company benefits, career opportunities and training opportunities. Candidates trust agency judgement and knowledge. As a hiring manager fully utilise us as a recruitment partner, see us as part of your team. Spend the time to educate us to fully understand your requirements, the culture of your company. The candidate qualities you are looking for. This leads to a better process and better hires of candidates who you retain long term.
  • As an agency we can also deal with the uncomfortable part of the process such as liaising with rejected candidates. It is important for all parties for you to provide us with detailed feedback that we can give to unsuccessful candidates. Firstly as this is only right after a candidate has invested time preparing for and attending an interview and also completing any required tests. But also it helps hone the recruitment process to find you the perfect candidate. We will also ensure that we supply you with accurate feedback from the candidate in regards to what they do and don’t like about the company and the role.

*within 3 months